Our History


Our Company


1982 -

Goldshield of Indiana is created by Fleetwood Enterprises in Decatur, Indiana

1984 -

Significant growth created large plant expansion

1986 -

Goldshield enters Heavy and Medium Truck market with Air Fairing business Along with entry into other markets outside the Recreational Vehicle market

1989 -

Significant growth resulted in purchase of 2nd production facility

1993 -

Introduced 1st robotic application to the operations

1993 -

Produced 1st components for the Medical market

1997 -

Obtained ISO-9001 certification

1997 -

Adopted LEAN Manufacturing principles and began the cultural transformation


1999 -

Earned State of Indiana Quality Improvement Award

2001 -

JetStream product line of aerodynamic air fairings introduced by Goldshield

2002 -

Earned Honda's Special Recognition Award

2007 -

Additional growth results in purchase of 3rd production facility

2009 -

Re-certified to ISO-9001:2008 standards

2009 -

Goldshield purchased by AIP (American Industrial Partners)

2011 -

Goldshield Fiberglass, Inc. becomes part of Allied Specialty Vehicles (ASV) as AIP forms new group of companies