Since 1983, JetStream air fairings have been streamlining countless models of trucks, rewarding owners with significant fuel savings for every mile driven. With the combination of innovative design and high quality standards, it's no wonder JetStream fairings have become one of the most popular brands in the industry.

Goldshield is a supplier of roofs, fairings and hoods to the largest heavy and medium duty truck manufacturers in the world. JetStream air fairings, a proprietary product line manufactured by Goldshield Fiberglass, Inc., provide a unique opportunity for manufacturers to offer a high quality, low cost air fairing package to its fleet owners and dealers with unparalleled reliability and quality. Our experienced Engineering team can develop an air fairing for virtually any truck, or modify designs to meet your unique needs.

The Advantage of JetStream

  • Collapsible designs available
  • Image Illumination
  • Color-match painting
  • Expert packaging
Jetstream logo and semi truck.
Aerodynamic solutions for your truck application