Open Mold


Manufacturing - Open Mold

Open mold fiberglass is created by first applying gel coat (exterior finish) to the mold. A mixture of fiberglass strands and resin is either sprayed or hand-laid onto the gel coat for structural strength. Various combinations of fiberglass strands and resin can be used to create thickness and strength to meet individual needs of the custom molded part. Because of the low tooling costs, spray-up and lay-up are well suited to highly individualized applications.


  • Part design flexibility
  • Minimal start-up costs
  • Low cost molds
  • Low tooling costs
  • Material design flexibility
  • Ability to fabricate on-site

Our capabilities allow us to offer a wide variety of open mold fiberglass options, including production in a wide range of parts sizes, volumes, and configurations. We can produce to tight tolerances and are experienced in some of the most advance materials available. We also offer design assistance on part configurations and structural integrity that must meet specific performance requirements.

In addition, Value-Added services such as; assembly of hardware, brackets, lights, controls, and wire harnesses offer our customers an opportunity to purchase "ready to install" composite fiberglass components.

Spraying fiberglass on an open mold.

Spraying fiberglass on an open mold.